After The Fall Of Tenochtitlan

The fall of Tenochtitlan served as the death knell for the Aztec Empire and the overwhelming defeat at the hands of the Spanish and their native allies was seared into the collective memory of the surviving Aztecs and the Indigenous peoples who had lived under Aztec rule. Fortunately for historians, native peoples wrote down their interpretations of the Conquest in various codices. These codices allow us to see that the Indigenous view of the Spanish varied distinctly from group to group and was not the universal "Foreign Invader" narrative we may inititally suspect.


Bernadino De Sahagun

Illustration of the Siege of Tenochtitlan, La Historia Universal De Las Cosas De Nueva Espana,1577

Ink on Paper

Medicea Laurenziana Library, Florence, Italy

After The Fall Of Tenochtitlan